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  • Thanks John! That was simple (lol). I’m dong a full update so I’ll be pushing the new website version onto my server with the Duplicator plugin so FTPing the new files and folders will be included.

    I have to say, without ACF Pro, User Role Editor, Adminimize, and Duplicator plugins I could not deliver the website standards to my clients. I really do appreciate all the developers in this community – big thanks! I happen to find ACF around v4 and said to myself, “Finally a tool that understands the way I like to design and deliver websites.” If you have any feedback on these or other plugins you may have in your arsenal of tools, let me know.

  • Thanks John for the feedback. I’ll have to say, I’ve never “updated the plugin” from a download zip file. I normally connect to the updating server via the Update link in the Plugins Panel. Can you shed some light on the steps to take?

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • I just updated a client’s WordPress version to 4.5. I also see my ACF Pro needs an update. Click to update, Plugin update failed. This is on my local computer using WampServer 2.5

    – Current version of ACF Pro 5.3
    – WordPress version 4.5

    Is ACF Pro v5.3 too far of a jump to upgrade to 5.3.7? I could use some advice, I like to get done today if all possible.


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