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Not all functions on WP 4.5

  • Hello!
    After switching to WordPress 4.5 no longer run, additional fields for taxonomy, in what could be the problem? In the version of WordPress 4.4.2 everything was fine, even excellent.

    I Advanced Custom Fields PRO

  • Update to the latest version of ACF 5.3.7. There were changes to the Taxonomy/Term edit pages in 4.5.

  • I just updated a client’s WordPress version to 4.5. I also see my ACF Pro needs an update. Click to update, Plugin update failed. This is on my local computer using WampServer 2.5

    – Current version of ACF Pro 5.3
    – WordPress version 4.5

    Is ACF Pro v5.3 too far of a jump to upgrade to 5.3.7? I could use some advice, I like to get done today if all possible.


  • It’s not too far to go. You’re local computer is having a problem connecting to the update server. You can always download the latest version by logging into your account. Click on the account link at the top of the page.

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  • Thanks John for the feedback. I’ll have to say, I’ve never “updated the plugin” from a download zip file. I normally connect to the updating server via the Update link in the Plugins Panel. Can you shed some light on the steps to take?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • I generally open the zip file and drag the folder in it to my local plugins folder for the site, when it asks if I want to overwrite existing files I click yes, then upload the new files to the server using FTP. I’m a developer so I update a lot of plugins like this, especially the ones that do not have automatic updating. I occasionally see errors connecting to the update server for ACF, and I don’t know what causes it. I don’t know if there’s another way to do this, when updating from a downloaded zip this is always what I do.

  • Thanks John! That was simple (lol). I’m dong a full update so I’ll be pushing the new website version onto my server with the Duplicator plugin so FTPing the new files and folders will be included.

    I have to say, without ACF Pro, User Role Editor, Adminimize, and Duplicator plugins I could not deliver the website standards to my clients. I really do appreciate all the developers in this community – big thanks! I happen to find ACF around v4 and said to myself, “Finally a tool that understands the way I like to design and deliver websites.” If you have any feedback on these or other plugins you may have in your arsenal of tools, let me know.

  • I started using ACF at V3 and did beta testing on 4 & 5. I had tried all of the other custom field plugins but I found that they’re really not designed for “Developers” but are more for those that want to build everything using admin panels. The fact that there are only a handful of functions is ACF and that they are extremely easy to use helped. In the others it was a nightmare with every field type having it’s own function and needing to specify all the options…..

    Anyway, I agree, there’s nothing better than ACF that let’s me build custom sites without spending many more hours building admin pages.

    Here is a list of some ACF addons, some of mine are in there but a little self promotion, most of my plugins are built with and/or for ACF.

    Other than that, “Custom Post Type UI” is one I use on every site and “WP Max Submit Protect” saves and awful lot of time because it keeps me from loosing work, if you’ve ever built huge field group and had parts of it disappear when you hit save then you need it.

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