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  • Again the answer came pretty soon after posting this thread. I couldn’t delete it, so therefore the answer. OF COURSE this is easy practice and all I had to do is to set Conditional Login in the Enddate/time to Yes. Here I could select the condition from Field B. If all is implemented and working correct, I’ll post the fix here.

  • Sometimes, the solution is lying right in front of you and is it better to replace instead of repair. I replace the query with the one from Query posts (now) and all is working as it should.

  • Thanks to the suggestion bij Deej on this thread I managed to work this out.

    $repeater = get_field('recensie');
    foreach ($repeater as $key => $row) {
    	$recensent[$key] = $row['recensent'];
    	$recensent_functie[$key] = $row['recensent_functie'];
    	$recensent_link[$key] = $row['recensent_linkedin'];
    	$recensent_foto[$key] = $row['recensent_foto'];
    	$recensent_tekst[$key] = $row['recensie_tekst'];
    	$recensie_type[$key] = $row['recensie_type'];
    array_multisort($recensie_type, SORT_ASC, $repeater);
    foreach( $repeater as $row ) { 
    	// styling for each field
    } ?>
  • Thank you for the reply and sorry for the delay in answering. Nevermind the properties (like key) of the layout object look different, the idea of looping through the subarray was indeed what did the trick. With help from a friend who’s a PHP veteran, the following loop gave the wanted values.

    To loop through all items at once:

    foreach($content['layouts'] as $layout) {
        echo 'layout: ' . $layout['label'] . '<br>';
        foreach($layout['sub_fields'] as $subField) {
            echo 'field: ' . $subField['label'] . '<br>';

    To put the item on the right spot, it’s necessary to point to the right index-number of the subarray.
    So for example (using the loop from the question), this worked for Highlights with index 1:

    <?php elseif(get_row_layout() == "highlights"): ?>	
    <?php echo $content['layouts'][1]['sub_fields'][0]['label']; //highlights ?>
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