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Show Field C when certain value is selected in Field B

  • Hello, this is pretty much the thing I wish to implement in the backend. For events (no CPT, just Posts) I’m using Date-Time-picker options for startdate/time (Field A) and enddate/time (Field C). I want the user to be able to choose in the backend between two types of ends, using Select (Field B). At this stage, Field C is hidden.

    First option is the same enddate as the startdate. This keeps Field C hidden.
    Second option is to choose for another enddate/time. Here I want to show Field C, in which the User can set a new enddate and/or endtime.

    Before creating this ticket, I found info on Conditional Logic, Load Field filters and head-input actions. None didn’t really had the golden ticket for me to accomplish this. This previous video came really close conditional-logic-for-advanced-custom-fields, but deals with older versions of this plugin.

    What would be the best way? And how does this work in a foreach-loop? Thank you!

  • Again the answer came pretty soon after posting this thread. I couldn’t delete it, so therefore the answer. OF COURSE this is easy practice and all I had to do is to set Conditional Login in the Enddate/time to Yes. Here I could select the condition from Field B. If all is implemented and working correct, I’ll post the fix here.

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