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  • @atomicsmash – Wow, that`s exactly what I was talking about. Can you share the code?

  • @fullsteamlabs: Can you share the code? It looks fine, but could be even better if it would be implemented in native version of ACF.

  • I join the request of @chris Lanphear, but it would be even better if the usability of Flexible content field would be improved, so it will work similiar to the Site Origin plugin.

  • Sorry, now it works again.

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  • I confirm that in version 5.0.8 problem still exist. It looks exactly that “thomask” described above. Can we look forward to solution of that?

    For me it looks like that:
    I had the main content in the PL language. Then I`ve copied field groups and pages to 2 new languages- EN and CS.

    When I save the content in PL language- it saves normally, but when Im trying to save it in 2 new langueages- it doesnt save.

    After disabling for a moment WPML content was saving normally in additional languages. Enabling WPML stopped saving.

  • I had the same problem and I`ve just realised that after switching off all plugins, except ACF solves the problem. After some tests I have discovered that problem was caused by Post Types Order plugin.

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