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  • for me this one was resolved by upgrading. I couldn’t get the regular acf repeaters to work right and this remained an issue (last i left it) but when i moved to acf pro, it seems to be built differently so this doesn’t happen. As a matter of fact i switched from repeaters to layouts and used the flexibile layout builder with repeaters and other stuff in each layout, resulting in even more wysiwyg fields and the like, and it still works fine.

  • Hi. is this fixed? or is it possibly fixed in the pro version?

  • Hi. I use ACF a lot and love all the features you’ve made available, particularly the convenience of the repeater fields and conditional rules.
    However, in trying to use this for websites that require a lot of conditional logic (as a layout builder of a sort) I’m having the same issue with the admin area mentioned above – specifically with extremely slow opening the page, creating a new field and saving the page.
    On the front end the load time is fine so this is really just an issue for the admins and managers.
    Even if I make no changes to existing field values and attempt to save the page there’s a major slowdown. Shouldn’t it be checking for changes to field values before saving? Then if no changes have been made, shouldn’t it skip the fields and not do anything at all?
    I don’t want to switch to anything else as I haven’t found anything else as feature rich or as simple to manage on the admin area (and with all these nifty filters and actions) but looking forward I can’t see being able to continue using this as our standard plugin if it isn’t adjusted to have a lighter touch and to not do things when it doesn’t have to. I’d be forced to go back to hand-coding stuff or using a less feature-rich plugin, which would suck 🙁 I’d much rather use ACF.
    Could we please know if this is being worked on? The conditional rules are an essential function with as many fields as I’m working with so I can’t simply not use them…and this behavior makes it nearly unusable in some cases.
    But I don’t want to end this without saying another ‘thank you’ to you for building this in the first place. It speeds up me and my teams’ work considerably 🙂

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