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  • Adding screenshots. Censored some of the first one for privacy reasons. 1 is displaying how the automatic embed works on the wordpress end of things, 2 is displaying how the front/user end is showing everything but the video (i placed a border around this section to see if it recognised something, which it clearly does, it just doesn’t show the video)
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  • @jarvis It will take some time for me to understand what’s going on here and where to implement this, but it’s more help than I could have asked for. Much appreciated!!

  • Hey Jarvis – not sure if you’re still active here, but if you are, I’d love to pick your brain with something! I was going through your PHP and it seems to be in line with something I’m working on. I have a front end form and want emails to trigger to the USER (post author) every time a post is added or updated. But as an added headache, I also want it to be triggered on a specific date(s) and time(s) set by the user. If you (or anyone reading this) can share some wisdom, I’d appreciate that!

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