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Can't view Vimeo embed on user-end

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to achieve 1 simple thing in different ways and am encountering issues throughout. I have added a custom field where I want person X to add a Vimeo URL (or embed), and have this display on the user-end. Ideally, I’d want this URL (or embed) to be between shortcodes, but one monster at a time.

    I have tried using the WYSIWYG editor and though the Vimeo embed appears on the wp-admin end, it doesn’t when I preview it (also might be important to note I’m using Elementor as well). I just get a blank section, that mind you, enlarges or shrinks to make up the space for the video embed… just without the actual video.

    I have tried the oEmbed field too, which works like a charm. But I am unable to add shortcodes to that. Specially because I am required to change the shortcode id per post (e.g. [shortcode =1] , [shortcode =2] …), so I can’t hard code just 1 short code some how (I say this as if I know what I’m doing in PHP. I don’t).

    Is there any solution to this? A way to embed a Vimeo video and have it display on the user-end of my site, and **ideally** (most importantly, actually), have it between shortcodes? I tried doing this in the WYSIWYG editor because that obviously makes most sense, but I can’t even get the video to display on the user-end in the first place.


  • Adding screenshots. Censored some of the first one for privacy reasons. 1 is displaying how the automatic embed works on the wordpress end of things, 2 is displaying how the front/user end is showing everything but the video (i placed a border around this section to see if it recognised something, which it clearly does, it just doesn’t show the video)
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