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  • Indeed it is.

    In field group editor many fields, including field name, now appear to be translatable.

    Qtranslate WYSIWYG/Image/file fields are removed from field type dropdown and don’t appear anymore on pages/posts.

  • I noticed that tab layout does not break when displaying acf_form in as page content (i.e. with acf_form_head() + acf_form() in theme template)

    try this:
    – create acf group a dropdown with 2 values and 2 tabs appearing each according to the dropdown value (so tab #1 appears when dd has value #1 and tab #2 appears when dd has value #2)
    – create another group, with higher order value, containing a text field.
    – display the forms in your page.

    Fields in the second group will only be displayed then dd has value #2.

    If you add the empty endpoint tab second group will correctly show. But the tab will be displayed as an empty (gray?) item between the 2 groups.

    I can provide the code, tested on WP4.6.1 and ACF Pro.

  • This would be a great feature, but it still looks like there’s no way to restore excluded post types.

    And it would be also be nice if, as an alternative to taxonomy filter, pages could be filtered by page template.

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