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  • I noticed that tab layout does not break when displaying acf_form in as page content (i.e. with acf_form_head() + acf_form() in theme template)

    try this:
    – create acf group a dropdown with 2 values and 2 tabs appearing each according to the dropdown value (so tab #1 appears when dd has value #1 and tab #2 appears when dd has value #2)
    – create another group, with higher order value, containing a text field.
    – display the forms in your page.

    Fields in the second group will only be displayed then dd has value #2.

    If you add the empty endpoint tab second group will correctly show. But the tab will be displayed as an empty (gray?) item between the 2 groups.

    I can provide the code, tested on WP4.6.1 and ACF Pro.