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  • Hello again guys,

    I tested the solution provided by @emcniece. And worked perfectly for me.

    I pasted the code at my php file and everything works fine now.

    Really really appreciate the help.

  • Hello guys,

    emcniece – I’ll try to write a little better. My apologies for my english.

    1 – I created a ‘custom post type’ called “audiobag”
    2 – I created a taxonomy called “audiocategorias”, which is attached to custom post, “audiobag”
    3 – Using the ACF plugin, I created a ‘custom form’, with some fields
    4 – In the custom form I created (in step 3) – I set a rule to display form: Taxonomy Term equals ‘audiocategorias’

    My goal: When I show audiobag-single, also display the data defined in custom form for taxonomy.

    After two days I could not make it work. I figured it might be some incompatibility with my theme, or am doing absolutely everything wrong. So I developed a plugin that creates a json for each taxonomy – but do not think an elegant solution, my intention would be to use the ACF to all.

    Thanks for your answers and help.

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