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  • Hi Elliot

    Agreed my orignal post could have been informative, but i still don’t see how you can read “code example” as “please write the code for me”

    If you did find my original question to be insufficient, a simple feedback stating that you needed more information in order to help, would have been better, and something that i would have the full understandig for.

    Again, i did not intent to start a dispute with you.

    But, please tell me why you decided to make a “Private” reply public?

    i made it private so, we could solve this between us, and not the whole world.

    So. let us end this in the most positive way possible, and i do suggest that we remove this entire dialog, and i will repost my first post with only the solution, and a more friendly intro.

    I can only regret that we came to this point, which was never my intension



  • Hi again Elliot

    i did find it difficult to make a nested repeater in the first place, simple because i got confused with the hole sub repeater thing.

    Because it goes like this with the first repeater:
    parent repeater > sub repeater

    i thought that the next repeater has to be a sub sub repeater of the parent repeater.

    parent repeater > sub repeater > sub sub repeater

    which of course didn’t work.

    So all i was looking for was a simple example like the one i provided showing the structure with

    parent repeater > sub repeater > sub repeater

    I’m sorry, if you believe that my post was to direct in it’s tone-of -voice, but i personally don’t feel it is a shame to speak ones mind.

    And since i’m quite sure that you would have been able to write a short code example in the same amount of time, as you did spend on your first feedback, all this could have been avoided if you had gone about this differently.

    You do sell at piece of really great software (for a low price), but given the fact that is not a free software, i expected a more helpful answer, than the one you gave me.

    For me a support forum, is a place where i go for help and not free labour, so when you write this:

    “This is a support forum, not a free dev service.

    Sorry mate. You will need to read the docs and write you own code.”

    I just don’t really see the support function at all in the above statement.

    But as i said before. your software is great and please keep up the good work, and in the spirit of wordpress, provide help, when help is needed.

    Feel free to edit or remove my previous post in any way you feel, i simply added it to provide help to others in my situation. not to start up a dispute with you.



  • Hi Elliot

    I do not consider this a free developer service, and yes of course i did read your docs first and got stuck.

    But, since your not so helpful answer, pissed me enough off to go back an have another go, i managed to find a working solution:

    <?php // check for rows (parent repeater)
    if( get_field(‘repeaters’) ): ?>

    <?php // loop through rows (parent repeater)
    while( has_sub_field(‘repeaters’) ): ?>

    <?php // check for rows (sub parent repeater)
    if( get_sub_field(‘repeater_1’) ): ?>

    <?php // loop through rows (sub parent repeater)
    while( has_sub_field(‘repeater_1’) ): ?>

    <?php // check for rows (sub parent repeater)
    if( get_sub_field(‘repeater_2’) ): ?>

    <?php // loop through rows (sub parent repeater)
    while( has_sub_field(‘repeater_2’) ): ?>

    <div style=”margin-bottom: 20px”>
    <?php the_sub_field(‘repeater_2_text’); ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    which resolves in this output:

    (from sub repeater_1)
    1-test 1
    1-test 2

    (from sub repeater_2)
    2-test 1
    2-test 2
    2-test 3

    (from sub repeater_3)
    3-test 1

    I really like this plug-in and can only rate with the best score, so i do feel a bit sad, with your response to my question.



  • Hi Elliot

    i’m having the same issue

    can you please provide a code sample for the above question to help me along with my issue.



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