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  • Hi Elliot

    Agreed my orignal post could have been informative, but i still don’t see how you can read “code example” as “please write the code for me”

    If you did find my original question to be insufficient, a simple feedback stating that you needed more information in order to help, would have been better, and something that i would have the full understandig for.

    Again, i did not intent to start a dispute with you.

    But, please tell me why you decided to make a “Private” reply public?

    i made it private so, we could solve this between us, and not the whole world.

    So. let us end this in the most positive way possible, and i do suggest that we remove this entire dialog, and i will repost my first post with only the solution, and a more friendly intro.

    I can only regret that we came to this point, which was never my intension