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  • Is this possible today (Feb 2020)?

    This below code adds markup inside “submitdiv”. The div that holds Status, Visibility, Published on and Publish/Update button. I would like to add an ACF Checkbox field under those settings. Is this possible with some function, action or filter combination?

    add_action( 'post_submitbox_misc_actions', 'wpse_45720_submitdiv_extra' );
    //add_action( 'post_submitbox_start', 'wpse_45720_submitdiv_extra' );
    function wpse_45720_submitdiv_extra()
        //print '<pre>' . current_filter() . '</pre>';
        echo '<div class="misc-pub-section misc-something" id="something">';
        echo '<p>Headline</p>';
        echo '<p>Some note under the ACF</p>';
        echo '</div>';

    If it’s not possbile then perhaps just show the checked selections (with get_field) and inform the user that in order to change the selections scroll to the field group titled “Your checkboxes”.

  • Follow up…

    I solved this problem by creating two separate Field Groups. So I didn’t use WPML’s translate or duplicate buttons. First I created a Field Group with my native language and made sure that “Language of this advanced custom fields” field had my native language. Than I created a new Field Group with exactly the same data, but this time I changed the “Language of this advanced custom fields” to my second language and changed the “Page is equal to” rule to correspond my translated page.

    Anyway… there is still something strange with Location Rules and pages without corresponding translation.

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