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Flexible content, Location Rules with WPML

  • Hi.

    I have problems with the Location Rules of my Flexible content combined with WPML plugin. I have created a page (let’s call it My Page) in my first language and then created Field Group with some Flexible content. At the end I used Location Rules “Page is equal to My Page” in order to only show this Field Group on that page. After this I used WPML to translate my page to second language and also duplicated my Field Group to this language.

    The problem is that the Location Rules don’t work with my second language. It is somehow stuck to first page in alphabetics. I can change this to the correct page, but as soon as I update my Field Group it changes back to the original (first page on the list) page.

    I had the same issues also with my another Field Group but with that one I deleted the pages (native and translated) and also deleted the Field Group. Then I created that all over again without any problems.

    I think that the problem is with either of the following.

    1) The Field Group that is currently working uses Repeater with Image Field Type and the one with the problems uses Flexible Content with WYSIWYG and Image Types.

    2) I have pages without translations. In other words there are some pages that are only shown to native speakears (or readers) and some pages only for my foreign readers. The pages without translations just happens to first in alphabets (and in that Rules list).

    There is a short discussion here, but Elliot’s tip/answer did no help:

    I’m using WP 3.6, ACF 4.2.1, Flexible Content 1.0.2, Repeater 1.0.1 and WPML 2.8.2

  • Follow up…

    I solved this problem by creating two separate Field Groups. So I didn’t use WPML’s translate or duplicate buttons. First I created a Field Group with my native language and made sure that “Language of this advanced custom fields” field had my native language. Than I created a new Field Group with exactly the same data, but this time I changed the “Language of this advanced custom fields” to my second language and changed the “Page is equal to” rule to correspond my translated page.

    Anyway… there is still something strange with Location Rules and pages without corresponding translation.

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