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  • Hi, we have tried to limit the post type to just videos. There’s only 5 of them at the moment but it’s still timing out. :/

  • Hi Mark, that’s true. But I read that sensor is not required anymore or something like that.

    Anyway, I’m also aware that any changes will be overwritten when there’s an update. I suggest that as a temporary fix only for those who may also be using an older version.

    We are using


  • I mean we have like 4K amount of posts (it’s a big site). Our database usage spikes up, and we get 504 error. Could it be because of that?

  • That’s the thing – there’s no JS errors! Really weird.

    So I have noticed that this only happens when the type is Relationship. When I delete that field, everything goes back to normal.

    Any idea why?

  • Hi @trauma,

    First of all I think we are using an old version of ACF. But I had to edit the acf-input.js (and acf-input.min.js) file, and look for sensor=false. You will find it twice, and you need to replace both with key=YOURKEYHERE.

    Hope this helps!

  • Btw, the Screen Option dropdown doesn’t work now too. I know you could tick the boxes (which they already are) for the Location and Settings to show up.

  • None of the suggestions above worked. We have an API, billing is setup, quota is not reached yet, etc.

    Any other suggestions?

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