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  • Great tips. I thankfully have some breathing room to hold out for a patch for now BUT will downgrade if necessary. Very funny about the image being bigger than thumbnail because one of my images that wouldn’t assign WAS smaller that 150×150 and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what about it was being discriminated about it… Turns out the dimensions were it, like you said.


  • ya too funny, i actually had a small aneurism thinking I’ll just go the good ol png route for now BUT then one of my png’s wouldn’t even save! lol. I couldn’t believe it. some would and some wouldn’t. Seems like something in 5.0.8 is causing a muck.

    fingers cross on a patch soon 🙂

  • Same issue and console error here 🙂
    happens on some images and not others…

  • Ok, I lied, after testing I’m not able to return anything on the front end 🙂
    so not entirely sure it is actually saving/storing.

    I ran a var_dump and it returned string '' (length=0)

  • Ok, after some digging, from what I can tell is SVG preview’s are not supported at all in WP 4.0 unless previewing on the image attachments edit page. I can only assume this is connected to the ACG image previewing ability.

    If you’re running WP 4.0 and try to preview your SVG’s in the media manager do you see them OK?

    Also, a colleague did confirm that the data is still being stored and rendered in the front end although the field/preview still says “no image attached”… so it technically seems to be working BUT the preview is not.

  • Yup, same issue here.
    just says “no image attached”

    I have just ACF pro activated plugin wise

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