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Setting image fields

  • Anytime I set an image to an image field it doesn’t do anything and stays blank. I see others are having this issue as well, just wanted to see if this was close to being resolved.


  • I can confirm the issue as well. With the developer console from Chrome open at the same time, an exception is thrown on return from the media browser:

  • Same issue and console error here 🙂
    happens on some images and not others…

  • One thing I did to fix this was just downgrade to a version before 5.0.8. as a temporary fix until the fix is resolved in the latest version.

    Also another trick I have found is that when you’re creating the field in 5.0.8, make sure your image preview size is set to thumbnail and that the actual image you’re trying to set for that field is bigger than the thumbnail size. Don’t ask why that works too cause I have no idea.

    Hope that helps!

  • Great tips. I thankfully have some breathing room to hold out for a patch for now BUT will downgrade if necessary. Very funny about the image being bigger than thumbnail because one of my images that wouldn’t assign WAS smaller that 150×150 and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what about it was being discriminated about it… Turns out the dimensions were it, like you said.


  • Not a problem! Good luck to you all, and hopefully a new version comes through soon with the fix.

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