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  • Hello @lautobus,

    This was a little while ago and I don’t have time to look through everything, but this maybe relevant: block names should not contain an underscore, they should use dashes.

    Block names must include only lowercase alphanumeric characters or dashes.

    This rule is something built into WP core, and ACF has some code that automatically converts _ to - to avoid the issue.

    I.e. carousel_block should be converted to carousel-block.

    Hope that is helpful. Thanks.

  • The issue here is initializeBlock is not being fired as the condition type=owl-carousel is not being met for render_block_preview.

    I had the same issue.

    I currently have support ticket waiting, as type seems to the name of the the block registered by <?php acf_register_block_type(), but maybe there is something more to it.

    In the mean time, I have removed the type parameter. Slight issue is that the initializeBlock runs on every ACF block loaded, but that is not a huge issue for me at this point.

    Hope that is of some help, Joe.

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