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ACF Slider not firing in preview mode

  • Hey peeps

    Hope you are all well

    I’ve built a custom block for a carousel, I have the block all working and the carousel working on the frontend.

    Only issue is, in preview mode in the editor, the init.js isn’t firing for the carousel.

    All the scripts are there, just not working in the admin, so the preview won’t show the carousel.

    My init.js file below.

        var initializeBlock = function( $block ) {
                  margin: 10,
                  nav: true,
                  navText: '',
                  loop: true,
                  responsive: {
                    0: {
                      items: 1
                    768: {
                      items: 2
                    1024: {
                      items: 3
        // Initialize each block on page load (front end).
        // Initialize dynamic block preview (editor).
        if( window.acf ) {
            window.acf.addAction( 'render_block_preview/type=owl-carousel', initializeBlock );
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