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  • I have no problem in showing it. I’m having issue with putting the form.

    But thanks anyway.

  • If it were me I wouldn’t be trying to insert the content of flexible content into the main content area. I’d simply be using flexible content and building a front end template that displayed it the way I wanted

    This is what I wanted to achieve now. Can you guide me along on what and how this can be done?

    I really have no idea how WordPress works and with all the different extension and so on.

  • Sorry but I still couldn’t figure out your advice.

    This ['field_55ee67fc0ce35'] is to let user select the no of column per row. So if they select 3 then it will be 3 column. If they select 2 it will become 2 column and so on. This was supposed to behave exactly the same page builder for the front end form. I get the idea from the video in here.

    I was thinking of simplifying this. Will it be simpler if my post has flexible content layout and I insert it into the post custom field rather than the content.

    What will I need to replace/add

    $post = array(
        'post_type'     => 'post', // Your post type ( post, page, custom post type )
        'post_status'   => 'publish', // (publish, draft, private, etc.)
        'post_title'    => wp_strip_all_tags($_POST['acf']['field_55e95e746593e']), // Post Title ACF field key
        'post_content'  => $_POST['acf']['field_55e95e8b6593f'], // Post Content ACF field key

    to do so?

  • This is what I get saved save the form

        [_acfnonce] => 
        [_acfchanged] => 1
        [acf] => Array
                [field_55e95e746593e] => Sample Article
                [field_55e95e8b6593f] => Array
                        [55f1131e17718] => Array
                                [acf_fc_layout] => 3_columns
                                [field_55ee67fc0ce35] => 3
                                [field_55ee68170ce36] => lorem ipsum
                                [field_55ee683b0ce37] => lorem ipsum
                                [field_55ee8f67a0990] => lorem ipsum
                        [55f1132e1771c] => Array
                                [acf_fc_layout] => full_column
                                [field_55ee687d0ce3a] => lorem ipsum
                [field_55e95eb365940] => Array
                        [0] => 64
                        [1] => 63
                [field_55ee8eb9f1c6d] => 
                [field_55e95efb65941] => 
                [field_55efc8e15d926] => 

    field_55e95e746593e = Title (Text)
    field_55e95e8b6593f = Content (Flexible Content)
    55f112041f2e9 = ??
    field_55ee67fc0ce35 = Select with 3 value
    field_55ee68170ce36 = Column 1 (Wysiwyg Editor)
    field_55ee683b0ce37 = Column 2 (Wysiwyg Editor)
    field_55ee8f67a0990 = Column 3 (Wysiwyg Editor)
    field_55ee687d0ce3a = Full Column (Wysiwyg Editor)
    field_55e95eb365940 = Category (Taxonomy)
    field_55ee8eb9f1c6d = Adding New Category (Text)
    field_55e95efb65941 = Featured Image (image)
    field_55efc8e15d926 = Anoter Content (Wysiwyg Editor) – This is the initial content field I used before using the Flexible Content

    As mention earlier, my initial intention was to create something similar to the capability of Page Builder. The reason I need to use Page Builder because the site I am working on allowed registered user to submit article.

    And I will like to avoid the registered user to access our back-end thus we use ACR PRO form. And Flexible Content is the closest I can get to Page Builder.

    You mention this

    flex content field will be in a nested field

    . Perhaps you can assist me how am I going about to do it?

  • My intention is to combine both post_id and user_id hoping to get field that is very specific to it and use update_field to change the content.

    After experimenting a while I realised that is not possible to combine both (maybe I am wrong).

    Anyway I decided to use wpdb to delete the field and update the content.

  • Nevermind I found my solution here

    I just need to wrap the function with if $query->is_main_query() statement.

     if ($query->is_main_query()){
      // get original meta query
      $meta_query = $query -> get('meta_query');
      // allow the url to alter the query
      // eg. ?district=1
      // eg. ?district=2
      if (isset($_GET['district']) ){
        $district = $_GET['district'];
        $range = explode(' - ', str_replace('$', '', $_GET['price-range']));
        //add meta query to the original meta queries
        $meta_query[] = array(
            'relation'  => 'AND',
            'key'       => 'district',
            'value'     => $district,
            'compare'   => 'IN',
            'key'       => 'price',
            'value'     => $range[0],
            'type'      => 'NUMERIC',
            'compare'   => '>'
            'key'       => 'price',
            'value'     => $range[1],
            'type'      => 'NUMERIC',
            'compare'   => '<'
      // update the meta query args
      $query -> set('meta_query', $meta_query);
      //always return
  • I have narrowed it down that the district is the problem. When I am filtering without the district the menu appear. Specifically if I remove the district%5B%5D, the menu appear but with it then it will disappear.

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