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  • Hi kingofmycastle,

    Actually i am very interested in finding a solution for this and i thought i was the only one trying to do this,

    i will share with you what i have found kind of useful but not a solution yet.

    1- there is a way to add a data-attribute to the wrapper of the field using
    $field['wrapper']['data-yourDataName'] = 'yourDataValue'; But unfortunately i cant find a way to add data attributes to the choices of select field “other than your way”,

    2- To solve the problem of user changing the values in option page, i would first populate the values normally from the option page like you stated in your post, then i would grab the value which is in the current post and check if it exist in the field[‘choices’], if its not exist means the original have been changed and i will add it to the array let me show you

    //This function will load a list of currencies from option page to the post page
    function tours_load_currency( $field ) 
            $field['choices'] = array();
            //get the field
            $choices = get_field('available_currency', 'option', false);
            //seprate values by new line
            $choices = explode("\n", $choices);
            //array map the values
            $choices = array_map('trim', $choices);
            //fill the choices array with currency code and value :( .. which is really bad but no other way
            if( is_array($choices) ) 
                foreach( $choices as $choice ) 
                    list($value, $text) = explode(" : ", $choice);            
                    $field['choices'][ $value . ' : ' .  $text] = $text;            
            // get the current post select value from the database 
            $post_currency = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(),"tour_currency",true);
            // if we couldnt find the database value in the field["choices"], means that it was changed in options page
            if(!array_key_exists($post_currency, $field['choices']))
                $post_currency_exploded = explode(' : ', $post_currency); // the drop down label
                //add the database value to the field["choices"] array one more time
                $field['choices'][$post_currency] = $post_currency_exploded[1];
            // return the field
            return $field;
        add_filter('acf/load_field/name=tour_currency', 'tours_load_currency');

    again if any one knows a good way to add data-attributes for choices in a select field from server side will be really great

  • ok, since its almost 2018,

    update for the above:
    -change h3 to h2

    good luck 😉

  • Hi,
    i am facing the same issue , Can you please share your code “I added an exception to not defer any scripts with acf in their filename

    or do you have a solution to include them manually after the form ?

    i really appreciate it

    Thank …

  • Hi a quick solution for this issue is to prevent post to save if the title(or anything you want) already exists, paste this code in your function.php
    it’s also recommended to add more conditions to your if statement like post type as this function might affect other plugins

    /*Check if post is duplicated*/
    function disable_save( $maybe_empty, $postarr ) {
    	if ( ! function_exists( 'post_exists' )) {
        require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/post.php' );
        if(post_exists($postarr['post_title']) && $postarr['post_type'] == '/*your post type name*/' )
            /*This if statment important to allow update and trash of the post and only prevent new posts with new ids*/
        	      $maybe_empty = true;
        	$maybe_empty = false;
        return $maybe_empty;
    add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_empty_content', 'disable_save', 999999, 2 );
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