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Remove 'edit field group' cog

  • ACF Pro.

    In the page edit screens, in the header of each field is a ‘edit field group’ cog which allows the user to click and edit the field.

    I need to hide this from the client – obvious ‘I wonder what this does?’ issues which I like to remove.

    Any ideas how to do this site wide?


    Actually, to answer my own question – easiest route is to add this to your functions.php

    Thought it might be useful for others so I’ll leave this here.

    function pands_admin_colors() {
       echo '<style type="text/css">
               h3.hndle.ui-sortable-handle a.acf-hndle-cog { display: none; visibility: hidden }
    add_action('admin_head', 'pands_admin_colors');
  • Hi PandS,

    Great that you’ve found the solution yourself. It was exactly what I’d suggest doing.

    However you could use acf/input/admin_head to make sure your custom CSS snippet only loads where necessary 🙂

  • Even better answer, I’ll integrate your suggestion – many thanks.

  • ok, since its almost 2018,

    update for the above:
    -change h3 to h2

    good luck 😉

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