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  • Hahaha I’m a total moron!

    I had two test products called the same thing and I was testing the output on the wrong product… der 🙂

    Thanks for your help anyway 🙂

    a quick one, adding ‘die’ at the end of the debug stuff, what does that do exactly (and should I be adding that to all add_action functions in the future)?

  • Hi,

    I’m not sure how you went with this, but I am trying to add some ACF fields to the Single Products Page in Woocommerce. I was hoping to use the hooks that woocommerce provides to add the custom fields stuff, but I can’t seem to get the fields to output anything.

    in my functions.php I have added an action like so:

    // Add ACF Info to Product display page
    add_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', "ACF_product_content", 10 );
    function ACF_product_content(){
      echo '<h2> ACF Content </h2>';
      if (function_exists('the_field')){
        echo '<p>Woohoo, the_field function exists! </p>';

    The h2 and the p are displayed, but the field itself doesn’t get rendered. Any thoughts?


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  • The storing of the data definitely sounds like it would be best done with Comments or post-meta or something, my struggle is creating a configurable “questions” platform so the client can configure a unique set of questions for each post. I was hoping that could be achieved with ACF and the flexible content add-on, but I guess I’ll need to look into another option.

    I was thinking that perhaps I could go a different way and use Gravity Forms to configure a form for each post, then use the ACF+GF add-on to allow the client to select the desired form to inset into the post? The trick would be on the front-end, finding if a form has been filled out before (by the current user) and then choosing to display the results instead of the input fields…

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