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  • @nlenkowski can you send Elliot a support request regarding this? That’s how I got a hold of him a few years back.

  • +1 (again). @elliot, we chatted a few years ago, and you were interested in doing this and possibly spoke with others (Delicious Brains, Gravity maybe?) in how they do things. Can you at least give us an update whether this is going to happen?

    We all love ACF Pro. We just lose countless hours due to this issue that we don’t have with any other pro plugin.

  • The code to get this to show on the frontend is on this page under Template Usage

  • Darn, that didn’t work for me on Pro. I tried both in my theme functions and in a site specific plugin. I believe I recall something about this license being serialized as the recent this doesn’t work, but not sure.

  • I’ve been in touch with Elliot via support ticket, and he’s actively looking into this. He’s contacted Rocketgenius and perhaps Delicious Brains. He’s currently looking at setting it up the way WP Migrate DB Pro does it.

    I reckon changing the licensing method is not a quick fix, especially since it’s also a change in business practice.

  • Good news, @elliot responded and is looking for ideas to solve this license issue. Anyone have any ideas?

    “For sure, I can imagine the annoyance during the deployment stage.
    I haven’t been able to make much headway with this feature yet due to concerns of security.

    ACF uses the “Website URL” to help validate the activation. If I was to allow a “New URL” to modify an existing activation, this could allow someone to “share” a DB publicly that would allow new activations to be made.

    I’m sure there is a solution that will avoid this concern. If you have any ideas, I am very open to hearing them.”

  • I’ve submitted a support ticket calling attention to this feature request thread. Response back:

    I am going to pass the same to the developer for consideration. Hopefully such an option will find its way into the plugins development roadmap.

    Hopefully we can get this into the plugin and save everyone a lot of trouble.

  • I may have run into this, at least on one site… I couldn’t get the ACF key to work any more with those snippets.

  • +1000 for this feature. This is a regular source of frustration since I cannot automate my ManageWP updates until there is a solution for defining the ACF license key in code. This is the only plugin that gives me problems, and I need to constantly go and manually update. Thanks for your consideration. 🙂

  • Nice! That wpmdb_preserved_options gist should do the trick for me 90% of the time, and that ManageWP snippet looks handy… and like @daltonmadebyraygun-com , I gotta explore that feature more.

    Still, placing the license key in the wp-config would be a nice way to set it and forget it at installation time.

  • +1 for way to autosave the license key. It’s frustrating I need to constantly re-enter. Also, this means my ManageWP plugin update service does not work via ManageWP, so I need to log into ACF sites and manually do the plugin update, which negates the benefit of a service like ManageWP.

  • Thanks for adding this – really helps with organizing content.

  • I’ll second this request! Jim, I like your idea of the option to use a text field as the label. One downside to that is if there is no text field with the FC block. For example, I have FC fields that are just one wysiwyg field.

    Extending your idea, I’d add a conditional option to add a text field for the custom label. Or, just create a standard text field for the custom label.

    I actually created a quick hack of the acf plugin to do this. Would love this added to ACF as a feature. I posted it here:

    ACF Flexible Content Custom Labels

  • That would be awesome.

  • Can someone please share a template example of using the wrapper attributes? I’ve searched the forum and Google, and there are no examples or documentation on exactly how to output these wrapper attributes, e.g., a class for a field.

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