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  • [pushes reload over and over again on the download page, his eyes full of hope]

  • to be brutally honest, i am checking EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. hoping 5.8 is released. I have been developing a small addon for Gutenberg, using uikit as a framework, and my blocks have like 98% average performance and pagespeed on Google Lighthouse, and 0 accessibility errors on Wave. I have been developing them since 5.8 beta 1 came out and here comes the huge BUT – i can’t use them into production in my Sage environment as using betas in such context is kind of complicated and, after all, not safe.

    So, i will be checking again every single day, shedding tears of sadness and loneliness until 5.8 is not released. [crescendo of dramatic violins in the background].

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

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