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  • I don’t know if that’s the proper way, I wrapped acf_form inside a current_user_can WP condition.

  • I’m sorry for getting back to this late. Thank for you pointing me to the right direction, it quickly solved the issue.

  • Thanks for the comment and explanation, it does work as intended.

  • Hi Elliot,

    For some reason I set the save format as: YY_mm_dd a long time ago, and now I need to sort posts by that value.
    I’m afraid that if I simply change the save format to yymmdd now, I’ll lost 100+ posts’ date value…
    What would you advise? Should I change the save format and then correct the dates already stored in the database somehow? They are saved as: 2011_06_23.


  • Thanks Elliot,

    It turns out that I have an earlier backup of my wp-content folder.

    I created a new WP install, copied the wp-content folder and inserted the backup SQL, and now I’m able run the old site and export all of my four field groups into php and use it on the live site.

    However, since the problem occurred because the server could not load all four fields when I edited them, I chosed to rather recreate the flexible fields manually in new groups with the same field names.

    Now my fields are automatically populated on the post edit screen, and after updating each post they are displayed just like before.

    Thank you for your quick reply, and keep up the work.

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