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Recover fields

  • My webhost moved its servers, and modyfied my php.ini file. I only noticed the downscaled setting after i went to edit a field group and after updating it, only two of my flexible fields showed up of the four I had. (Probably upon saving the server couldn’t handle that much data).
    Is there any clever way to recover these fields, or a way that helps recreating them in another group?
    I have a week old database backup, but I’m afraid that using it 1. I’ll loose one week edits, 2. won’t help if the server cannot load my four flexible fields in the admin anyhow.
    Unfortunately I haven’t exported the groups into php or xml, but I do have a native wordpress xml export file.
    How can I extract the information needed to recreate my groups from the backup files I have?

  • Hi @elba

    Sorry to hear about the issues. Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no way of recovering the field data.

    Perhaps you could create a new site and load in the backed up sql? Then, have a look in the SQL for all postmeta rows that match the post_id of the field group in question. You should be able to see all the fields.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks Elliot,

    It turns out that I have an earlier backup of my wp-content folder.

    I created a new WP install, copied the wp-content folder and inserted the backup SQL, and now I’m able run the old site and export all of my four field groups into php and use it on the live site.

    However, since the problem occurred because the server could not load all four fields when I edited them, I chosed to rather recreate the flexible fields manually in new groups with the same field names.

    Now my fields are automatically populated on the post edit screen, and after updating each post they are displayed just like before.

    Thank you for your quick reply, and keep up the work.

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