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  • What if I install two plugins and both plugins include ACF Pro? Will there be a conflict?

    If one version is newer than another, will the newer version be used?

  • No idea… I’ve emailed twice this past week with no response. I included my account info for Pro… I’ll try emailing again.

  • I haven’t been able to get any response in any form for support after purchasing ACF Pro. Either something tragic has happened, or the product has been abandoned.

  • Does @Elliot Condon ever visit the forums any more?

  • To be more specific.

    I would like to have an Audio field that works like “Image” field where only audio files are displayed in the media modal. And the result is displayed like when you select an audio file using the “Files” field, but also uses the built-in [ AUDIO ] player so that the user can play the selected audio file.

    Same thing for a Video field as well.

  • Thanks, and I can understand the desire to keep things “lean and mean”. I’m one of those people that regularly opens up the Task Manager in windows and kills tasks I don’t think need to be running… (I started programming on a TRS-80 with 4k of RAM).

    What I have found is that on a modern web server the “number” of plugins running doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as the “quality” of those plugins. A well written plugin should not impact your site’s performance very much.

    For my day job, I run a news site for a local radio station. I have close to a hundred plugins installed, plus one plugin I’ve written with several hundred thousand lines of code. But page load speeds are not impacted much because I am VERY particular about the plugins I install. In many cases I modify the plugins to fix performance issues. And the site is running on a dedicated server optimized for WordPress and the web.

    Unlike one of my personal sites running on general $6/month hosting with hundreds of other sites and can barely handle a dozen plugins before page load speeds are impacted.

  • The same could be said for meta-boxes… Why use ACF to create meta-boxes when you can code them yourself? It’s about ease of use and productivity.

    That said, I had a nice chat with Pippin and he’s open to a few selective new features, so I will probably stick with Easy Content Types.

  • Textarea and stick it inside of a PRE tag on the front end would be my guess.

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