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Audio/Video Field

  • It would be nice to have a field for selecting audio files from the media library or video files from the media library. Essentially an image field but with a filter for audio/video that displays the selected file in it’s specified format (an audio player or video player).

  • To be more specific.

    I would like to have an Audio field that works like “Image” field where only audio files are displayed in the media modal. And the result is displayed like when you select an audio file using the “Files” field, but also uses the built-in [ AUDIO ] player so that the user can play the selected audio file.

    Same thing for a Video field as well.

  • Hi @dnavarrojr

    Thank you for the feature request.

    The issue has been forwarded to the developer for consideration and hopefully this feature will see it way in to the plugin sometime soon 🙂

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