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  • John Huebner, this is useful, but I noticed a problem that some people may have if they don’t read your code and paste it into their functions file. I didn’t have this problem myself, but I imagine others might…

    People: Please note that this function deletes field data by name. This can get you in trouble if you are not careful. If you have two custom post types, for example:

    – project
    – staff member

    And they both have a field with the same name but for different purposes, say “subtitle,” deleting a field from one field group will delete ALL data for all fields with that name. In this example, if you delete “subtitle” from staff member, than all project “subtitles” will be deleted.

    Hope this helps someone…

  • Same issue. Fixed by noticing that when switching domains in wpengine, the wordpress settings domain didn’t change, which is used by ACF to make the ajax request.

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