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  • Hi!

    I installed the ACF5 5.0.0. today on my localhost and made a Football/soccer result table on one page with a “groups” repeater[A to N groups]. See attached image:

    When I want to update the page I get an error:
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\wordpress3.8\wp-includes\meta.php on line 575

    or in wp-db.php on line 1565 etc…

    Do I have too many fields? 81×14 = 1134 fields

    My wordpress version is 3.8.1.


  • I found it 🙂

    $one = $rows[0]['nested_repeater_field_name'][0]['sub_field_name']; 

    Somehow I added the answer in the question.
    Just make sure each value is an array when going deeper in the array.

    $one = $rows[array][array][array]['sub_field_name']

    Peace out!

  • Try this:

    	$pdfParis =  get_field('pdf_paris');
    	echo'<h2><a href="'.$pdfParis.'" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Paris</a></h2>';
    else if(get_field('pdf_marseille')){ 
    	$pdfMars =  get_field('pdf_marseille');
    	echo'<a href="'. $pdfMars.'" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Marseille</a>';
    else {
    	echo'No PDF available.';

    Have fun!

  • Hi all!
    Thanks for all the insights on what is causing this slowdown.
    I also get a fatal error after 30sec. waiting for the page to update.
    I have a repeater in a repeater which has also a repeater. First it had also a true/false condition but after removing that there was only a minor speed improvement.

    Is this going to be resolved in version 4 or should we just jump on version 5 and never look back?

    (I have ACF v4.3.5 and repeater v1.1.1 and wordpress 3.8.1 and I am running my own custom theme.)


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