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If Elseif Else Question

  • Hello,
    I would like to show a PDF link for each town.

    I have this code but it don’t working.

    <?php if(get_field('pdf_paris')){ ?><h2><a href="<?php  the_field('pdf_paris') ?>" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Paris</a>
    else if(get_field('pdf_marseille')){ ?><a href="<?php  the_field('pdf_marseille') ?>" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Marseille</a>
    else ?>
    No PDF available.
    <?php } ?>

    Thx for your support :)!

  • Try this:

    	$pdfParis =  get_field('pdf_paris');
    	echo'<h2><a href="'.$pdfParis.'" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Paris</a></h2>';
    else if(get_field('pdf_marseille')){ 
    	$pdfMars =  get_field('pdf_marseille');
    	echo'<a href="'. $pdfMars.'" target="_blank">Download <br />the PDF for Marseille</a>';
    else {
    	echo'No PDF available.';

    Have fun!

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