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  • Thanks Elliot!
    I can confirm this solves the issue.

    It did not work immediately but it did after a hard refresh (shift+F5 or shift+CMD+R).
    Reason it seemed to work with line changed to beta1 also had to do with caching and stopped working after a hard refresh, so forget what I stated in the earlier post 😉

  • So I tested a little more. I enabled beta 2 again. The boxes (as we know now) do not appear in the editor. If I change the following in acf.php the boxes magically re-appear.

    In the description I changed:
    From: Version: 5.8.0-beta2
    To: Version: 5.8.0-beta1

    In the code
    var $version = '5.8.0-beta2';

    var $version = '5.8.0-beta1';

    However don’t know why this is happening.

  • Also experienced the same issue. So I rolled back to beta 1 and all is working fine again. Then there was this update notice of beta 2. So I updated again to see what happens and the block indeed disappeared again. Instead I got to see the following message:

    Your site does not support the “acf/testimonial” block. You can leave this block or delete it completely.

    WP 4.9.8
    GB 4.1.1
    ACF 5.8.0. beta2

  • Thanks MikeX for the link.
    I hope this option will find its way to implementation soon. I think this will be a solution for so many.

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