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  • Hi all,
    Kenny from ACF support was able to sort this out for me quite easily, here is his response;

    I suspect that the issue affects your current user because you had “reordered” metaboxes on the edit screen.

    The “fix” we added on the latest version, changes all “high” metaboxes to “normal”. This allows metaboxes to appear correctly in Gutenberg, but is most likely conflicting with your users “reorder” setting.

    To change and fix this from your end, please edit the wp_usermeta table and delete the rows containing “meta-box-order_…”. This will allow all metaboxes to appear as expected.

    Basically I just removed all the “meta-box-order_*” entries from the wp_usermeta table in the database and now I can see everything as normal again.

    Hope this helps and again big thanks to Kenny 🙂

  • That’s strange, I was reading you post but then it was gone! In any case I tried what you suggested and did not have any luck. I have a custom page set as Front Page.

  • I’ve contacted support, will update this thread if a solution is reached 🙂

  • Having the same issue here. Got a repeater for an image slider that now suddenly doesn’t appear in the backend, but still delivers the data that was present before the upgrade on the frontend.

    Won’t appear if it is set to show on Front Page or set to show on the specific page template. Weirdly one of the other repeaters setup on the same page is working fine.. Very odd!

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