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  • From WooCommerce Product Vendors v2.1.55

    * Add – New action on Vendor Profile screen, wcpv_vendor_settings_render_additional_fields, to enable other plugins to add additional settings fields.

    So now it seems that could be done.

    But how? Could you please share the code? I’m having some trouble with this.


  • Hi John, and thank you for your answer.

    I’ve just posted a question into the support forum of the plugin’s developers, so maybe we’ll reach some info from there.

    On the other hand I think I don’t fully understand what you are saying about term metas. I’m using the last version of ACF PRO.

    Unfortunately I’m just starting with WP development so there are some concepts I don’t understand at 100%.

    Thank you,


  • Hi, I spent many hours whit this issue and I can’t find a solution.
    As I see there are more people trying to deal with that.

    The problem is that the proposed solution of using:

    $grade = get_field('grade', $taxonomy . '_' . $term_id);

    is not working in our case.

    I’m also trying to use the code above passing the data as string but the retrieved value is ever NULL.

    $title = get_field('my_title', 'dc_vendor_shop_5');

    I’m using ACF with Woocommerce and Multivendor plugin

    Could someone help with this issue?


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