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WYSIWYG field not displaying nextgen gallery

  • Hi all,

    I am having following problem with nextgen gallery.

    Seems not solved yet.
    The new NextGen tag is like this
    <img class="ngg_displayed_gallery mceItem" src="http://hostname/nextgen-attach_to_post/preview/id--1215" data-mce-placeholder="1" />

    How to support it?
    ACF PRO supports it?

  • Hi @harrykc

    It seems that NextGEN modifies the content automatically, but it doesn’t know anything about ACF’s fields. Could you please ask NextGEN support if there’s a function to generate the gallery manually? That way you can do it to the returned data from the WYSIWYG field.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Thanks James,

    The WYSIWYG field can support shortcode of NextGEN gallery. But this is hard to use of shortcode for normal user instead of use “Add gallery” button.

    If ACF can support new NextGen tag will be much appreciated.

  • Hi @harrykc

    The WYSIWYG field can support shortcode because it will implement the do_shortcode() function when the value is returned. Shortcodes are officially used by WordPress and other plugins, so ACF is supporting it.

    The problem with the tag is that NextGEN will only watch the post content for its tag and apply a function to it. Unfortunately, ACF doesn’t know which function it’s. Even if I check their code, it will be hard for me to find it and apply it correctly. That’s why asking them regarding this topic would be a better choice for you as they are the one who know their code.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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