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WYSIWYG field not displaying nextgen gallery

  • Hi,
    I have nextgen gallery and ACF Flexible Content options set. In Flexible Content field I have a WYSIWYG editor as a sub-field. I added nextgen gallery to the WYSIWYG editor of Flexible Content and it’s displaying as just a snigle image in the frontend of the website. If I add the same gallery to the WP WYSIWYG editor, then it’s displaying as gallery in the frontend. Is it the way I display the flexible content data in the frontend, if so then can anyone let me know how to display.


  • Hi @webmasterID

    Can you check the source code on your page? Is the MARKUP for the nextgen gallery correct?
    Can you also check your console log for any JS errors?

    Perhaps also test the nextgen gallery in a WYSIWYG field which is at the root level (not in a flexible content field) for a comparison test.


  • hi elliot,

    Good day

    Also I am having problem rendering NextGen Gallery in wysiwyg editor. Please see code below.

     if (get_sub_field('column')) {
                            $row_count = count(get_sub_field('column'));
                            while (has_sub_field('column')) {
                                $str_ret .='<div class="item-wrapper">';
                                $str_ret .= '<h4 class="item-title">' . get_sub_field('title') . '</h4>';
                                    $content = get_sub_field('content');
                                    $p = get_sub_field('widget');
                                    $content = $p->post_content;
                                $str_ret .= '<div class="item-content">'.$content.'</div>';
                                $str_ret .='</div>';
    echo $str_ret;

    I am trying to create a multiple column content using flexible content wysiwyg editor but all I am getting is the one image. NextGen code will be like this <img alt="" src="" /> not same old shortcode.

    Hope to hear from your end.


  • I did try the same thing inserting on nextgen gallery in wysiwyg acf field it works but in flexible content it doesn’t work.

    Sorry I did put it on the wrong wysiwyg built-in wp not the acf wysiwyg field, I did recheck an its doesn’t render the gallery.

    I think NextGen has custom code/tag to identify and render the gallery. Its not using a shortcode anymore. 🙁

    Hope to hear from you end.


  • same problem here :(( any new results to fix the problem? Nextgen galleries do not work in my wysiwyg repeater fields…

    btw… nextgen gallery 1.9 works!

  • The legacy shortcodes work i.e [nggallery id=1], I’m using version 2.0.66

  • Hi Elliot,

    Legacy shortcode works [nggallery id=#] but the new NextGen Gallery doesn’t work in flexible/repeater wysiwyg editor.

    The new NextGen tag is like this <img alt="" src="" />.

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