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Unable to update my posts following WordPress 4.6 update

  • I recently updated to wordpress 4.6 and now I am no longer able to update my old posts unless I am in the “text” HTML view rather than “visual” as usual. When I click “update” after making changes to an existing published post, It just reverts back to the old post and changes are not saved. Also, I am not able to add new print-friendly recipes as usual with the easy recipes pluggin to new posts unless I deactivate my Advanced Custom Fields Pro Pluggin temporarily and then reactivate it when I’m done. I am running the latest versions of the pluggins and wordpress.

    I went through the process of elimination and deactivated all my pluggins and the issue resolved so it is pluggin related. Then I reactivated the pluggins one at a time. The issue seems to only happen when I have the pluggin “Advanced Custom Fields PRO” and Easy Recipes plus activated at the same time. I’m thinking the Advanced Custom Fields PRO pluggin has something that doesn’t play well with the Easy Recipe Plus pluggin after the wordpress 4.6 update or after the recent advanced custom fields pro pluggin update.

  • There are some JavaScript issues reported with WP4.6 and conflicts with other plugins, here and The developer is aware of the issues and is working on a fix. Please see the other topics for some possible temporary fixes.

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