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taxonomy field – filter to only show parents

  • I’ve successfully implemented the filter to only show parents – as per

    It works. But I was wondering is there a way I can apply this filter to one specific taxonomy field?

    I tried in my add_filter function using ‘acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories/name=XYZ’ but that didn’t work (the field just displayed all the categories).

    My code is below:`
    add_filter('acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories', 'my_taxonomy_args', 10, 2);

    // filter the taxonomy shown in the admin area to children of a specific parent
    function my_taxonomy_args( $args, $field )
    $args['child_of'] = 38;
    return $args;

    Also you may wish to update your web page for this field (

    It states this field is only supported for ACF version 3 (which I’m assuming is not correct)?

  • Hi @charlie

    Are you sure you are using the taxonomy add-on? Or are you using the taxonomy field which is part of ACF v4?

    To run the filter on your specific field, you will need to look at the $field parameter of the filer like so:

    if( $field['name'] != 'my_specific_name' )
        return $args;
  • thanks @elliot. the code above makes sense. I must say I’m confused about the taxonomy field. The documentation page ( doesn’t say anything about a built in taxonomy field AFAIK.

    I haven’t installed the add-on so I presume I’m using the built in one. Are they more or less the same?

  • Hi @charlie

    They are both very different. The core taxonomy field is much more stable, so continue to use it.


  • sure. It might be worth adding it to the field types list (

    Thanks @elliot

  • The field[‘name’] didn’t work for me. I ended up with
    [name] => fields[field_5266beccd0583][]
    which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

    I ended up doing a string position find (strpos) on the $field[‘id’] for the name and I came up with the answer.

    I hope this helps!

  • hi @elliot

    I’ve just recently implemented your suggestion. Yet, as @socki03 has correctly indicated, field['name'] does not yield the correct result. If I recall correctly it actually returns the whole object array.

    His suggestion of using strpos didn’t seem quite right to me (no disrespect) so I’ve done this.

    if ($field['key'] == 'field_524561acf76e5')

    This seems kosher (I hope) but hard-coding the field key seems to not be ideal. If I had to recreate that field (on another server for example) I’d have to update the key I imagine.

    Is there a way a specific field can be targeted using the field name?

  • Hi guys.

    You are quite right. During some of the actions, the $field[‘name’] will be changed to the input name.

    I will include in the next update a ‘backup’ of the original name at $field[‘field_name’]

    How does this sound? Or can you think of a nicer key for this data besides ‘field_name’? Perhaps ‘_name’?


  • great. That key seems fine to me @elliot

    It would be nice if we could specify a specific field in the filter function the way you can for other fields – e.g acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories/name=XYZ but not sure if that’s possible?


  • Hi
    i just changed field[‘name’] to field[‘_name’] and it works for me.

  • @pooya is correct, field['_name'] works for checklists (not select or multiselect) taxonomy fields.

    function taxonomy_depth( $args, $field ) {
        if( 'TAXONOMY_NAME' === $field['_name'] ) {
            $args['depth'] = 1;
        return $args;
  • For Select or Multiselect dropdown use the below code to query only parents.

    function hide_child_taxonomies( $args, $field ) {
        if( 'YOUR_FIELD_NAME' === $field['_name'] ) {
            $args['parent'] = 0;
        return $args;
    add_filter('acf/fields/taxonomy/query', 'hide_child_taxonomies', 10, 3);
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