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Taxonomy field bug in 5.0.6

  • In the latest version (which fixed some important bugs, thank you!) I am having issues with saving taxonomy terms to the post.

    Inside a repeater I have a URL field and a taxonomy field, set to single-value select drop down. Everything works as expected until I select “Load value based on the post’s terms and update the post’s terms on save” which then grabs the taxonomy value from the last repeater iteration and saves that value into every taxonomy field above it.

    So if I have added three repeater iterations, each one selecting a taxonomy like “orange, blue, red” if I tell it to save the values to the post it changes the values to “red, red, red” on save.

    I can workaround it for now with a custom function saving the ACF values manually, but just a heads up for the next release.


  • Hi @arcanepsyche

    Yes, this is a limitation of the taxonomy field which I’ll add to the to-do and look at fixing soon


  • Hi Elliot!

    Was this included in any of the fixes in any of the recent updates (including PRO)? Or is there timing for this functionality?


  • Hi @arcanepsyche

    This has not yet been added. I will look into this shortly

  • Hi guys

    Good news! I’ve just added in this missing feature and it will be included in the next version.


  • Hi @Elliot,

    Thank you for attending to this! IF this missing feature was included in 5.1.4 (perhaps you meant the next next version?), I don’t think the update has solved this issue yet.

    I am not able to save taxonomy values within the repeater field (but also mentioned that taxonomy values aren’t saving when normal fields, as seen in this post here).

  • Hi @rachelle

    Multiple taxonomy values can be saved within a repeater field as of 5.1.4
    Is this not working for you?

  • @Elliot – Totally fixed with 5.1.5! Thank you!

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