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Tabs in 4.3.3 + WP 3.8 misbehaving

  • There appears to be a bug that showed up after upgrading to 4.3.3 where every field group except the first group no longer performs a proper tab hide/show of their content. For example;

    First field group has tabs. The content is shown for the first tab and the content for the other tabs is hidden. Perfect.

    Second field group also has tabs. The content for all tabs is shown. The first tab is not automatically selected/highlighted.

    Third field group… or, any group except the first, exhibits this behavior.

    Clicking on the misbehaving tabs will hide/show things as expected.

  • Hi @Stefan Didak

    Thanks for the bug report. I have just tracked down and fixed the issue. You can find the latest code on github, or wait for the next version to be released (soon).


  • Confimed.
    We experience problems with tabs and they are peatty annoying.
    When we have repeater field in those tabs. Once we try to add some media or add new row the tab swiches to the first one – it’s very bad when we want to add a lot of data. Hope the fix will be soon.

  • Hi @Ryszard

    Thanks for the bug report. Have you tested the latest code on github? This contains a fix for this issue and would be great if you could test it out.

    Make sure you force refresh the browser after you update the acf files to make sure the new JS is not cached.


  • Hi @elliot,
    well, I’ve just tried, but the tabs are still switching to the fist one. When I’m adding a row in the repeater field (but then I’m removeing it’s ok), and when I’m adding an image.
    It must have to do something with object generationI think, thease bug appears on “adding” stuff.


  • Hi @Ryszard

    Thanks for the follow up. I’ve got some similar thread which I will be testing soon, and will get back to you regarding my findings.


  • Hi @Ryszard

    I’m confident I have found and fixed the tab issue!
    You can read about it on this thread:

    The latest JS file can be found on the ACF github repo (link up in the header)
    Download it, override the input.min.js file and let me know how you go.


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