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Same Custom fields in Multisite Network

  • Hello,

    I want to purchase some ACF add-ons and I have already submitted support ticket via email. In case, you have not received my query, here is what I wants to know:

    1. Is it possible to use same custom fields created with ACF in all the sites in WordPress Multisite Network?
    2. Can we use Repeater field add-ons inside the Option Page add-ons?
    3. If I Network Activate the Options Page add-ons, Will it be available in all the Sites in the Network?
    4. If the ACF doesn’t support the above mentioned functionalities, than what are the possible solutions?

    Thank You,

  • Hi @dips

    ACF doesn’t provide any support for multi-site, but I have heard many user cases where it has worked fine.

    perhaps, before purchasing any add-ons, you can test out ACF + multi-site with the Free plugin.

    1. I believe so
    2. Yes
    3. I’m not sure
    4. Again, not sure, multi-site is not my area of expertise

    Thanks, but I will be closing this thread

  • Hi Elliot,

    ACF in multisite worked for me too.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi Elliot,

    The plugin is making my life so much easier! Although it is working in my multisite network, it isn’t sharing the field groups across all sub sites. I can export the groups to XML and then import them into each sub site, but I have many many sub sites and hope there is a way to update all field groups at once, rather than have to export and import to every site on the network.

    Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide!


  • Hi there,

    same problem here. I can use the plugin on a multi site, but was not able to get the same fields to appear across sites – I chose the PHP export and then insert into functions.php route, but it actually does not work – the fields are only available in the first sub-site I had set up. Since many (professional ;)) users are maintaining multisites this should be something you care about a bit ;).



  • Hey, I’ve released a plugin that can copy your fields to all of your multisite installations with just one click. Take a look at ACF Multisite Sync!

  • With ACF Pro fields will sync automagically across all sites by creating folder called acf-json in your theme directory. Documentation – Local JSON

  • Hey guys I developed a customisable solution for this. Check out my post here:

  • Well, this is quite an interesting thread. So basically, I can use ACF on my multisite to:

    1. create a custom theme with a custom field, let’s say “site-icon”. Within the theme, get the value of the “site-icon” and display it, e.g. “fa fa-wrench”.
    2. activate that theme on some of my subsites
    3. choose a value for each “site-icon” in each subsite (“fa fa-wrench”, “fa fa-globe”, …)

    ACF will then show each individual “site-icon” for each subsite?

    That would be exactly what I need !! But does it work this way?

  • All websites in the multisite are independent and have own database tables, and they can have own plugins and own post types.

  • Hi, and thanks for taking the time to reads this.

    Is it possible to ensure that changes to the Types fields on the main site is applied to all (or specific) sites in the network?

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