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Multiple checkbox choices not saving in database

  • I have a front end form (Gravity Forms) which contains various ACF fields and am using the Gravity Forms Custom post types plugin so when submitted, a CPT is created and the data is saved. However I am having a problem with one of the ACF fields – a checkbox (I have 2 checkbox fields and the issue applies to both).

    If I select more than one checkbox option on the front end and submit the form, when I view the CPT that has been created only the first option has been saved. When I say first I mean whichever one appears first in the list.

    I can’t see any sort of option to allow multiple checkboxes so can anyone advise what the issue may be?

  • In addition to this, a similar problem happens with file uploads. I attach to the form and they display on the front end but when I edit the CPT in the dashboard, the files aren’t there.

  • Sorry to be the annoying ‘bump’ guy but I really need a solution to this and spent a few hours today on it to no avail. I’m sure I had this issue a long time ago and resolved it but for the life of me I can’t remember how.

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  • Gravity forms is likely saving the checkbox field in the same way that WP would store multiple values for a custom field… that is, multiple entries in the meta table with the same meta_key. ACF stores a checkbox field as a serialized array. If you look in the DB you will likely find multiple values. When editing the post in the admin ACF only gets one value because that is all that it is expecting so it only gets the first one that was saved.

    I do not know anything about GF, but you will need to create some type of filter for GF to make it save correctly for use with ACF. You may need to use different fields for GF than the ACF fields and then create a filter for GF that manually populates the fields in the way that ACF expects the to be populated.

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