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Initializing page builder in acf wysiwyg field

  • Hey there. Long time fan of the plugin, I’ve been using it in every project in the past 6 years. Lately I noticed a growing trend of using these page builder plugins like beaver builder, elementor, divi, etc. I’m not a fan of them because they tend to be bloated and I like to control the design with the back-end fields, but sometimes I need to let it go and let the clients have their little sandbox.

    I’m using flexible content as a layout creator and my idea/question was whether I could initialize one of these builders(cornerstone in this example) somehow in the standard wysiwyg field. I noticed they tend to use shortcodes in the basic wordpress content editor so technically it could work right?

    My idea is having my own flexible content elements, and adding an extra one which is just the text editor, where they could build whatever they want with this builder. It would work as the other sections I made(draggable, removable etc). In short: mixing my premade back-end inputs with a page builder option.

    Do you think this could be possible? Did anyone do something similar? What should I look into first?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I don’t believe it is possible, but it would be invaluable. I want to do the same thing. This would provide a degree of flexibility without letting the page design turn into a free-for-all.

  • A workaround (and not a great one) is that you can embed an Elementor template shortcode in the WYSIWYG editor area. For occasional use this would perhaps be OK. If you need to use Elementor on tons of pages, this is untenable, though.

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