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ACF Field for \'Add Elementor\' Button

  • Is it, or will it ever, be possible to have a field on any post, where you can add an elementor field that gets saved as an acf meta, and then you can call on it and spit out the html/elementor data wherever you want on the template.

    Yes I know you can use elementor anywhere, and I have been using. but on a large site constantly going to another area to do some edits, and then pasting the shortcode/number into an acf field that gets generated it tedious.

    Also I know you can have an element called in the template and then use ACF to dynamically fill those fields, but that requires static fields and limits what you can do.

    archive-product.php for example. I am using the wysiwyg ACF field on there, but I would like some more flexibility on the content use in woocommerce_archive_description

    p.s ACF is the bomb and i love it.

  • I don’t believe it is possible (at least not without custom-coding something like that), but it would be invaluable. I want to do the same thing. This would provide a degree of flexibility without letting the page design turn into a free-for-all.

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