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Image Field Doesn't Save Data

  • I noticed today that the image fields on a site I developed no longer work. If a field already has an image set, and I remove that image, and set a new image, and save the post (publish or save draft), it reverts back to the original image. If I made a new post, and assign an image to any image field, and save the post (publish or save draft), it removes that image, and displays the field as if no image was ever assigned.

    This is happening on regular image fields, and image fields inside of repeaters.

    The site is running the latest version of ACF Pro (Version

    According to release notes, this version had the following:

    Image field: Fixed JS bug causing errors when Uploaded to post library setting is checked
    File field: Same as above
    Gallery field: Same as above
    Flexible Content field: Fixed bug preventing get_sub_field() from working within layout_title filter
    Radio field: Fixed bug causing field name to change when adding other choice to a sub field

    I’ve checked a file field, and that is function just fine. All of my image fields are set to “All” not “Uploaded to Post”

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem in the latest version of ACF Pro?

  • There was a problem in 5.3.8, but it was supposed to be corrected in See this topic

  • It appears that the problem I’m experiencing is a conflict between ACF and one of several media library plugins the client installed. I’m in the process of checking this.

  • Ok, It looks like this is still a problem that I need to try and address.

    The website uses the Enable Media Replace plugin ( and the CloudFlare service.

    If I disable the plugin, and switch CloudFlare to Developer Mode, than the image fields in ACF work just fine.

  • I just did a test with media replace installed and active and have not problems updating an image field to add a new image.

    I don’t see a setting in this plugin for CloudFlare service, is this a different plugin, or a setting in a different plugin? How does this work?

  • CloudFlare is a service that the client uses, mostly for website caching. It seems to also do some website security as well.

  • It it is doing caching then my first thought is that this caching is interfering with the refreshing of the pages, which is why setting it to developer mode may have cleared up the problem. My next question would be: Why are admin pages being cached since this is where you’d want to see changes being made?

    You may want to open a new support ticket

    or contact help for cloudflare

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