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Flexible Content rows, reverse order

  • Hi – I’m hoping there’s a way to reverse the order of the flexible content rows on the front-end of the site. We’ve got over a hundred rows, and the client wants to switch up the order – trying to do this manually is challenging as we can’t see the titles of the rows once we collapse down to do the drag and drop. I saw articles addressing the reversal of repeater fields, but could not find any info on how to modify that method to work for flexible content rows – is it possible to do?

    Thanks for any help!

  • I don’t have a solution for reversing the order of flex fields.

    You could possibly use a similar solution to by loading all of the flex field into an array and reversing, however, this would mean rewriting all of the code to use values from the array rather than using the normal ACF have_rows() and the_sub_field() functions.

    There is a solution for making the collapsed fields easier to identify here

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