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Flexible content "add row" not always triggering

  • I have quite a lengthy flexible content field, on a site in development, for allowing people to add a variety of different styled sections/panels to the main content of a page or post.

    Sometimes, when I click “add row”, nothing at all happens – the new row is not added onto the cms screen. This usually rights itself if I update the page and trying again, but I would rather that was not necessary.

    It is all still on mamp at the moment.

    Just wondering if this is a known issue with long flexible content fields, or whether it is maybe something I have set up wrong. I have never encountered this problem before.

  • I can’t be sure what the problem is.. this comes back to the old tried an true, long testing…

    1) deactivate all plugins – if it works then, activate 1 plugin at a time to see the interfering plugin

    2) change to WP default them, see if it works

    With that said, I have seen that exact same thing, and it’s a known issue (and as far as I know is being looked into)… with the plugin WPGlobus… see here.

    Is it random and intermittent in your case?

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