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Problem with repeater field and WPGlobus

  • Hi,

    I’m using WordPress version 4.8.1 and the following plugins:
    – Advanced Custom Fields Pro version 5.6.1
    – WPGlobus version 1.8.6

    When ever I add a new row in a ACF repeater field and save the post, the data inside the repeater field fails to save. The result is empty rows within the repeater field. It specifically happens when adding new rows to the repeater. If I re-enter the data in the empty rows after the first attempt and then save, it will be successful.

    When I deactivate the WPGlobus plugin, everything works fine.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • HI @verena

    Thanks very much for your detailed question and providing the version numbers. I appreciate that. The good news is, I was able to duplicate this issue quite easily. However, I am not sure where to begin though to sort out the issue. It is certainly something to bring up to the developers.

    I will let the ACF developer know, can you reach out to WPGlobulus?

    I will update this thread when I hear back. I can’t guarantee a response time and what sort of priority will be assigned to it. With that said, I will try and see if I can sort anything out on my own time to help move things along.

    Talk soon!

    EDIT: Ticket submitted to ACF support about the incompatibility

    EDIT: ACF Support has been in touch with WPGlobus about this… hopefully it is rectified soon

  • I have a similar problem. On the first save, it pushes the values down a row for text fields and textarea fields. I presume this is a similar issue if not the same issue as WYSIWYG editors are fine (and don’t have WPGlobus enabled)

    I’m running ACF Pro 5.6.2

  • I too am experiencing issues with the repeater it’s not saving any of my fields but it is recognizing it because theme code pro is showing the code . . .

    I think it could be a plugin issue as that i loaded it on a fresh local install and I have no problem there. Still working at it. I just hate turning stuff off and testing

    Essentially I make a repeater and then save the repeater that I just made and then ACF/WP deletes what I just did from WordPress — I am using ACF 5.6.2 and WordPress 4.8.2 and this happens in both my Local and Staging. Any help is appreciated.

    I have uploaded a video screen capture to show you all. The video is from my local install.

    Sorry no WPglobus here . . .

    sorry i should have posted this under repeater problem

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